How It Works

Interfolio Faculty search is integrated with GMS to provide a consistent recruitment process available for the entire University:

  • Interfolio provides a recruitment experience for applicants and search committees that is tailored to higher ed.
  • Applicants use a simple web interface to read posting details and submit application documents.
  • Hiring managers and search committees evaluate applications and manage the search in a clean online interface.
  • Position and hiring details are automatically and securely moved between GMS and Interfolio with no need to re-key information.
  • Compliance information is automatically collected and reported to IDEAA, improving institutional data collection and reporting to support University priorities and initiatives.

Hiring begins in GMS with the creation of a position and the approval of a Job Requisition that includes details of the hiring plan. Once the requisition is approved, a new search is created in Interfolio Faculty Search. The new search includes all of the position details and search committee members previously approved. Once the committee selects someone for hire, the offer and hiring process in GMS is automatically triggered with candidate details from Interfolio.

Graphic representation of the academic hiring workflow in GMS and Interfolio.